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Morwen™, the Clockwork Fey

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Author Topic: Morwen™, the Clockwork Fey  (Read 660 times)
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« on: January 29, 2014, 02:36:32 pm »


Name: Morwen, The Clockwork Fey

Origin: Faerie Magic and Mad Science  

Appearance:  Beautiful woman with gray pupiless eyes and an elfish and unearthly quality to her face.  She is attached to clockwork cybernetic flight system that resembles a butterfly's wings.

Sex: Female

Age: Indeterminate  (Appears to be early twenties.)

Height: 4' 8"

Weight: 98 lbs. (Slim)

Occupation:  Pro-Fey Seditionist

Current Charmed Heroes:


Secret identity: None, Refuses to Conceal Her True Form
History: Morwen was abducted by the Peskies of Cornwall in 1724, a changeling being left in her place.  A bright and cunning girl, she learned much of fey magics, and eventually escaped.  Shocked and horrified by the the Industrial transformation and it's effects on the countryside of Brettonian lands, she used her glamours to foment revolts, sabotage, and curses against the Industrialists, but was defeated by Dr. Woodman, a Rosacruxian Magus and advisor to the Crown.

Bound and stripped of her magic and forced to the indignity of a mortal life, Dr. Woodman believed the threat had been dealt with.  They failed to take into account the strength of Morwen's will, the depth of her madness, and the increasing numbers of refugees and supporters concealing themselves in the deep Umbra after being driven off their lands by Prussian, Brettonian, and the 'New World' Imperia.

Through strange travels and desperate bargains, she encountered the Si Fan and the anti-Western forces of 'Evil' Ling.  Her mad science released Morwen's magic in another form, one that would make her immune to the cold iron and belching smoke of the 'New World' orders.  Instead she has been combined with a suit of living and self replicating clockwork that desires to destroy the Industrial world, and return it to a fey utopia by resurrecting the decimated fey as clockwork monstrosities merged with human hosts.  The irony of destroying the world of heavy industry using magically powered machines is lost on this crazed elf.


Hit Points: 250/250     CC Max: 0/250

I just love... making... new friends!


A Faerie Fool: Morwen has learned many of the charms, glamours, pathways and arts used to entertain, politic, and court in the Winter Court of Faerie.  While the Industrial Revolution weakened many of these magics in the Material world, her expertise makes her a formidable adversary.  The ability to use the realm of the Fae for travel and escape also proves an advantage.  Still like all fae wizards, an eccentricity of character is required, and she obeys some odd restrictions to fuel her power and lore.

A Clockwork Blue: The results of an experimental procedure gone serendipitously and horribly right (as Ling's numerous insane and broken failed experiments bear witness too)  Morwen has become a self-winding and self-replicating clockwork organism.  Instead of mere magic or mere science, Morwen now accesses the best (?) of both worlds, able to transform a victim into steamborg fey by invading their body with living clockwork prostheses.  Her knowledge of steambornetics may rival and even surpass that of her creator Dr. Ling's, as she has an 'insiders' perspective.

Agitator: Morwen spent much of her young life (relative to escaping from Faerie) as a political extremist opposing Industrialization.  She still has that demagogic spirit, and knows how to move a mob with fiery speeches and organize bands of agitators, anarchists, and saboteurs.

Combat Abilities:

Basic Punch/Kick/Headbutt:  85% / 10 Damage.  Weak and desperate attacks performed unarmed.

Puzzle Swords: Hooked blades that can be used one in each hand or fastened together and swung like a polearm.
Twin Blades: 65% / 20 Damage.  Defensive parrying gives -10% to most of opponents attacks.  A favorite.
Combined Strike:  30% / 45 Damage.  Blades linked and swung over short distance with devastating power. +10% first time used if opponent has not seen this attack.
Whirlwind Strike: 80% / 15 Damage.  Area effect, strikes at each opponent engaging her.
Fan Blades: 40% / 15 Damage.  Increases her defense by 25% against any weapon that can be parried.
Gun Blade:  80% (Under 10 Gun Jams), 20 Break, 15% Knockdown/Stun (1 Turn), 2 Hands. Reload takes an action turn. Short ranged weapon, if opponent has to close to use their weapon, the Ranged Weapon gets to strike first.
Legsweeper: 55% / 5 Damage, Knocks Opponent Down and Back. (-10% to hit and defense, limited movement until next turn.)

Divebomb: 60%/ 10 Damage, Knocks Opponent Down (-10% to hit and defense for one turn, limits movement.) When complete, she is no longer airborne.

Faerie Magic: Wondrous technomagical marvels that help her make friends and terrorize people.  To use them, she must have contact with the element that the device uses.  If she can somehow be seperated from all elements (ie. in a vaccuum)  then none of these devices will function.

Portable Hole Generator To use this device, Morwen must be standing on earth, mud, or dirt. This device looks like a shuttered lantern.  Instead of a light spot, however, it casts a shadow.  This forms a doorway into the realm of the Droo, jet black elflike beings trapped in Deepearth by the light of the sun.  From where it shines, it draws any Mortal to it like a vacuum.  Once enveloped, it will begin transforming its victim into a Droo.
60% per Turn Chance of Trapping a victims Limb, preventing them from moving away.  Victim has 50% Chance each turn to escape, and can perform no other actions until they have done so. 10% Chance per 20 CC per turn of victim being swallowed whole. 10% Chance per round of anyone who is completely enveloped to escape.  Anyone caught in the hole will take 40 CC each round they fail to free themselves.  Totally enveloped victims will take 60CC per round that they fail to escape.

Anyone CC Maxed by the Hole will become a sensuous if dour Droo under Morwen's control. (See Below)

Water Ball  Morwen has two of these. This looks like a small sapphire brooch until Morwen must place it in a significant water source, such as a pool, ocean, or river or stream.  It forms an ornate sphere of congealed water with the charm at its center and a sound like rain against a roof.  This will then follow Morwen's will.  It can fly around, enveloping persons it catches or snatching up loose items.

Hit Points: 50  Attack 75%/15 CC +5 CC per Round for 5 Rounds.  Every 20CC it has a 10% chance of rendering it's victim nixielated.  They become inebriated and giggly, and will act as though confused. 1d6: 1. Do nothing but stand around and giggle hysterically.  2. Use an attack ability on a foe.  3. Use an attack ability on a friend. 4. Run and hide as though playing hide and seek. 5. Flirt with an attractive member of the opposite sex (while otherwise acting normally).  6. Attempt to grapple foe and force a kiss on them.

Anyone CC Maxed by Water Ball becomes a Nixie slave of Morwen, adoring her playfully and doing as directed.
Verdant Embrace -  Morwen's lips and tongue are a very special prosthetic that imbue an infusion of rare plant extracts into that which she kisses. She must come into direct contact with her victim to use this.  She generally uses it on immobilized opponents or on devices to imbue them with verdant energy.

25% / 50 CC Damage.  For every 20CC done, opponent loses -10% to hit from loss of mobility, as their body becomes more tree like.  Those CC maxed by this effect become Maniac Nymphs, cheerfully doing her will in exchange for permission to cum.
Poison Ivy    Bulbs thrown at feet explode into mechanical leafy tentacles. She has up to five of these, but they can only be used where plants or trees are growing already.
 60% Trip Attack, Opponent falls, and next action spent getting up +10% to be hit with next attack if tripped.
 50% chance to Grapple any tripped opponent, who has a 50% base chance per round to escape.
 Any opponent so grappled may be sexually assaulted by the ivy, taking 30CC/Turn.  Anyone CC maxed will merge with the plant to become a Grithix, a happy soldier in Morwen's army.

Fleshquake To activate this, Morwen must be standing on an artificial surface, and so must her target.  If they are, Morwen can send forth a charge of sexual energy that is 95% to cause 5 CC and a 35% chance to Stun opponent for one turn while they writhe helplessly in passion.  Anyone CC maxed by this will lose consciousness, and unless taken from the battlefield will be captured and made into one of Morwen's Fembots.
Dancing Lights  To activate this power, Morwen has to be airborne.  Beautiful blossoms of dancing light spring forward and surround the opponents dazzling them with hypnotic lightplay and slowly bringing them under her hypnotic control.  60% chance to do 20 CC to all opponents in range, and for every successful hit there is a cumulative 10% cumulative chance that the victim will stand transfixed on their next turn.

Quicksand To use this ability, Morwen must be airborne and her opponent must be on the ground in closeproximity.  She sprinkles 'faerie dust' and the ground on which they are standing becomes a sinkhole.  Does no damage, but has a 60% chance to trap the individual.  Trapped opponents may not attack and are hit at +10% chance until they free themselves, 40% chance per turn.

Darkness To use this ability, Morwen requires a light source behind her so that she casts a shadow in front of her.  By her will, her shadow grow and recedes, until it touches the shadow of an opponent.  Opponents are -10% to defend against this if they have never seen it used before.  The shadown enevelops the foe, and they become blinded by the greyness.  Hit chance is 60% base, opponent takes 10CC and are at -20% to all actions until they escape the grip of the shadow (base 40% chance per turn).  Any foe CC maxed by this power becomes a Darkfae bound to serve Morwen.

Icewind This rare power only works when both Morwen and her opponent are airborne.  The flier is caressed by chill winds, whose touch saps the will as it arouses the body.  60% chance to do 25CC, and for each consecutive hit there is a 10% cumulative chance of the foe becoming enamoured.  Enamoured foes will refuse to attack Morwen, and may (40% chance) try to stop allies from hurting her for one turn.  Anyone CC maxed by this attack becomes a Windling slave of Morwen.

Special Abilities:

Flit, Float, Fly: -15% chance to hit while airborne.  Can be downed with a net, bola, successful knock down attack, or if she takes more than 50 hit points worth of damage in a single turn.  Once down, it requires a combat action to become airborne again.

Fae Creature: Morwen does not need to sleep, and is resistant to attacks which are hypnotic or magical charms.  There is a 20% chance that they will fail outright.


CyberFae Nature: Morwen takes +25% damage from cold iron and electrical attacks.  Any attacks specializing in fae or machine damage will work on her.

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Lapin Chéri
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« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2014, 02:39:48 pm »

After no less than three defeats at the hands of Sanctum forces, Morwen has disappeared, pursued both by Sanctum forces and by those of her Mistress seeking to excise weakness and tie up loose ends.

It is by no means certain whether or not she shall reappear, but in the meantime the Sanctum agents are to be congratulated on their success.
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