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Astarielle of the Crimson Fan

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Author Topic: Astarielle of the Crimson Fan  (Read 636 times)
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« on: March 26, 2014, 11:07:56 pm »


160 HP

Astarielle is a gentle, kind person, and she set out on her quest in order to defend those who could not defend herself. Sadly, she was of the sort not able to truely defend herself, and found herself in far too many close calls and binds. Hoping to increase her strength, she decided to travel to the Sanctum to train. On her way, she met Sukia, of the recently allied Crimson Fan. After a brief combat, Astarielle realized she had found a suitable person to serve as her teacher, and swore her loyalty to Sukia and the Fan. The training that followed tested both her body and her mind to the limit, but the result was Astarielle had gotten her wish. She was now a capable fighter...among other things.

Devoted to the Fan (Passive)
Astarielle acts as a 'hero' in the world still; as the Crimson Fan is allied with the Sanctum, she may find herself going against a Mistress from time to time.  She's certainly not immune to the wiles of other Mistresses, and may find herself falling to them. But the vows she made for the Fan run extremely deep; unless the Mistress finds a way to break these bonds, Astarielle will eventually part company with said Mistress and return to the Fan.

Astarielle is considered to have 130 CC.

Art of the Sword
Astarielle initially chose a light sword when she became a hero; under the Fans tutelage, she exchanged it for a pair of katana. She's become quite adept in their use, though she's not above using certain other methods.

Blade Dancer (Passive)
Part of the reason Astarielle had such trouble with her swordplay was she was learning from a Knight; that fighting style does not suit her. She is light and swift, and her new fighting style takes advantage of that. She has an additional 10% chance to dodge incoming physical attacks and an additional 10% chance to hit using sword moves.

Dance of Blades 65%
Astarielle goes through a set of impressive moves, made all the more so by the fact that each one only lightly grazes her target. Does 10 damage, and adds 5 to all her future damage. This effect can only occur once.

Spinning Cut 60%
Astarielle launches into a twirling attack with both blades, doing 10 damage to all targets in range.

Thrust 60%
Astarielle charges forward towards a single target, aiming to strike dead center; if this attack hits, it does 15 damage.

Pounce 65%
Astarielle utilizes all her catlike reflexes to pin a target down. They’re unable to move until they defeat the initial save roll, and she can bypass the requirement on It Does Feel Pretty Good, You Know. However, she is unable to use skills requiring a sword or a fan without breaking the hold.

Kunai 50%x1d6
Astarielle throws several kunai from her bag at her target, doing five damage per kunai that hits.

Lash 45%
Astarielle strikes faster than most eyes can follow to grievously wound her target, doing 20 damage to a single target.

Art of the Fan
Astarielle is still a kunochi of the Crimson Fan, and does possess a fan of her own. While she's not as...bold as her beloved Sukia, she's proven to be quite capable of seduction in her own way-which makes her even more dangerous for the unprepared.

Innocence (Passive)
Astarielle does not come across as a force of seduction. This is completely not the case; she trained with the Crimson Fan for some time to heighten her skills. What makes her innocence so believable is she, herself, believes it, and there’s a certain charm to her soft nature.
If her foe has a passive that reduces CC damage taken, she has a 50% chance to bypass it when using a CC skill.
If her foe does not have such a skill, she deals an additional 5 CC damage as long as they’re below 60 CC

Do you like the way I look? 80%
Astarielle plays up the attractiveness of her form; thanks to the teaching of her beloved Mistress, she knows just the right way to touch and show off herself to stir up feelings of lust. Deals 10 CC damage.

I hear that people like things like this… 70%
Astarielle whisks out a fan, smacking her foe lightly with it. Something about the way she does it, combined with a certain powder, makes it more sensual than anything. Deals 15 CC damage

They feel so soft, you should touch them.  40/65%
Astarielle constantly wears a pair of long gloves. She can invite a foe to reach out for them; as soon as they touch the gloves, she’ll slowly trace her hands over their bodies; alternately, she can be slightly more forward, finding a patch of bare skin to touch. 40% and 30 CC damage for the invitation, 65% and 15 CC damage if she reaches out.

Th-this is how I do it, right? 65%
By playing up her innocence, Astarielle can get close to her target. She feigns ignorance, while pushing all the right buttons to get her target all hot and bothered. She generally collects information on what pleases them most when using this move. 15 CC damage and activates “It does feel pretty good, you know.”

It does feel pretty good, you know 65%
Used after “Th-this is how I do it, right?”
Astarielle presses her attack, using every  method she knows how to incite a feelings of lust in her target. If she found a fetish beforehand, she can utilize it for an additional 5% chance to hit and 5 CC. 20 CC damage.

There’s no harm in giving in…
Used on a target about 80 CC.  Hit chance = CC damage taken -10
Astarielle goes in for the kill, assuring her target that there’s nothing wrong with indulging their passions. She’ll whisper about how much fun they’ll have once they just…let…go. Charms on successful hit.
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