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Laura Tate

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Author Topic: Laura Tate  (Read 97 times)
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« on: June 21, 2020, 12:29:56 am »

Quote from: SnivGrits
[size=150]Laura Tate[/size]

Name: Laura Tate, Girl Genius

Origin: Student from Atlanta, Georgia.

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Secret ID: None yet.  Laura has not seen any reason to conceal her activities or form alternate personas as yet.

Occupation:  MTech Engineering Major, Minor in HypnoComputing

Skills: Laura Tate is like an absent minded professor trapped in a the body of a young model.  Not even old enough to drink, she can strip and rebuild a military vehicle, assemble a robot mainframe, strip, clean, or reassemble a rifle in record time, or build a supercomputer mainframe from scratch parts, composing the necessary tools and chemicals as she goes.  She is an avid reader, and a wizard with machinery. Her skills tend towards physics and spatial relations, and she has difficulty with abstract or supernatural concepts.

Powers:  Laura's special ability is a nearly flawless eidetic memory.  Her brain is like a cyclopian infopeadia of every sensation she's ever experienced, every word she's ever read, every spec she's ever seen, and every sound she's ever heard.  Her brain is filled to the brim with ideas formed from the patterns and data in her memory, and she's a whirl of energy as she tries to physically realize as many of them simultaneously as she can.  Her ability to multi-task is stunning.

Vulnerabilities: With the exception of her mutant brain functions, Laura is your basic human.  The constant activity in her brain causes a hyperactivity disorder, and bipolar disorder, as well as compulsive behaviors which makes it very difficult  for her to relate socially.  Her mouth is a self-perpetuating motor, pontificating on whatever comes into her head to be said.  She sleeps very little, and is a habitual abuser of stimulants such as coffee.  She also feels compelled to be performing multiple functions at once to try to try all kinds of different experiments at the same time, and has difficulty focusing on any one thing.  There's a certain tragic naïveté that surrounds everything she does, and a desperate need for some kind of companionship.


[spoiler]Laura Tate was born in Montgomery Alabama about 19 years ago.  She was born to a single Mother when the Father left for greener pastures, and then raised by her Uncle on a mink ranch/ car garage in Atlanta Georgia while her mother returned to college full time.  Her Uncle discovered her talents, and nicknamed her the "diapered dynamo' for the way she took to mechanics.  By the time she was in high school, she had been recruited by several colleges for advanced studies.  On her eighteenth birthday, her researches online (performed by an automated information trawler that she and some her 'gifted' online leet geek friends had designed) had run afoul of one of Professor Laffer's and Dr. Warner’s brainchildren.  Her persistence in trying to discover what could have taken apart such an advanced program brought her talents to the attention of both gentlemen, and an invitation to the Mtech school was soon in the offing.  She accepted, eager to mingle with other brilliant minds.

Laura has more or less embraced the school's philosophy.  While she has not taken any slaves yet, she practices and advances on every assignment given to her with the devotion of a hound, or a fanatic.  She cares deeply about impressing every teacher, regardless of the subject matter.  (She has had a great deal of trouble with magic, as the ideas in it are very abstract.)  It was this that prompted her to miscast a spell in the dorm she shared with Grace.

Grace proved a tolerant roommate and Laura admires her for her skill in magic.  These two, along with some other acquaintances such as Sarah, Brittney, and Neraqua tried to form a study group in the first week, with an agreement to pool their knowledge and not use any MC on each other.  Not quite like the defense group, but at least one with a pact of mutual non-aggression.  This fell apart when Grace reacted to Sarah, who was preparing to brainwash Hunter.   Soon, Neraqua fell victim to another Mtech student, and Brittney broke the non-aggression rule by trying to use a chemical potion on Grace.  When during a study session in the dorm room, Laura miscast a memory charm, Grace lost her memory and her unchecked power manifested.  Laura is completely unaware that her spell had any effect, and convinced herself that Grace was acting strangely out of simple jealousy for her (Laura's) technical skill.

In addition, Laura just met the hunky but distant blind shaman Phillip Couseau.  After they were paired for a time in Laffer/Kenshiro's class, the two had a tryst together, and Laura is now head over heels in love with the strange healer.

Laura currently has a video game mod for the Mind Bender program, has put some serious practice into the other skills she's been shown, but the one person she most hopes to meet is Dr. Warren, as she is a long time fan.  She is concerned because she hasn't been able to raise him at his office since the debacle with Snooch in the last engineering class, and she wants to demonstrate a portable "apprehendor/fascinator" type droid that she's been working on to Dr. Warren.[/spoiler]
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