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Author Topic: Interact  (Read 1569 times)
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« on: December 12, 2010, 02:13:43 pm »

So now that you know all of that! It's finally time to explain how interactions are generally supposed to go.

First you need a character, that's details in other topics.

Next you need somebody to interact with. One-on-one interactions can be arranged in a character topic or over PM. Multi-person interactions can be found in Missions, on the Mission Board.

Finally you'll need the random number generator on  http://www.random.org/

This is used to decide whether or not an attack hits.

Now that the board has a chatroom, there is a dice function on that which you can use instead if you want.

When your ready start somebody just needs to post the topic. Generally whoever initated the interaction is the one who makes the first post (in Missions this is who posted the Mission.) One-on-One's should be titled with any old thing and the participants should be in paranthesis next to the title (abbreviated names are fine, the other person just needs to be able to tell that this is the topic to go to.) Missions can be titled after whatever the title of the Mission is on the Mission board.

After you've started, it's just back and forth between the participants.

Pre-battle interacting is completely encouraged, as it can really help set the scene up. Some people though just like to jump right in, and with One-on-One's it's pretty hard to go for an extended period of time. So whenever whoever decides it's gone on long enough, it's battle time!

Battles are also simple enough. One person posts their attack, the next reacts and responds with their attack and so on and so forth.

The attacker puts calculations at the end of their post. This is the current percentage of how likely the attack is to hit. If no other factors are in play (as will often be the case with the first attack) then this percentage is the same as the base percentage of the attack uses. Effects or creative reasoning via RP can effect this percentage and any changes should be made to reflect them.

For example, if a move has a base hit of 70% and has been buffed by a previously used skill that increases the next attack by 15%. You would post

70 + 15 = 85%

Whoever is being attacked then rolls with the random number generator linked above. Is the generated number is EQUAL TO OR BELOW the number the attacker posted, then the attack hits you. If the number is HIGHER than the number posted, the attack misses you.

The defender then reacts to whatever happened, and responds with an action of their own.

Remember that the attacker calculates the percentage, and the defender rolls! All attacks have a base hit, which can be effected by either effects from other attacks or creative reasons described in post.

After the battle is over, what happens next depends on the situation. There are 3 main ways a fight can end.

A Hero is captured when they run out of HP. Essentially they lose all energy to fight back and can't help but be carried back to the Lair. Captured Heroes are still in their own mind, however as long as they reside in the Lair they can be converted at any time.

A Hero is converted when their CC maxes out. Essentially the Hero loses their will and now serves the Mistress. They also follow the Mistress back home and can be used for future interactions, but if a Hero is converted mid-battle they can join back in the fight on the opposing side!

If Mistress runs out of HP, that Mistress dies and all slaves are freed from her control and are free for other interactions. However, a Mistress may flee a battle at any time! So Mistresses, make sure not to bite off more than you can chew!

Converted Heroes who run out of HP in battle simply return to the Lair, they are only freed if the Mistress is defeated. A bit of a buzzkill maybe but nobody wants their converts dieing.

All of that aside, post-battle interacting can be done as well should any Heroes be left standing. Ideally, you are going to want to lead into another interaction or Mission, but obviously that can't always be possible.

Whenever the interaction is decided to be over, you're done. From here you can either find another interaction and start again, or go to a Mistress Lair and have some fun with converts. All up to you!

Remember that it's a good courtesy to update a Hero's bio and attacks/abilities after they've been converted.
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