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Andy Carson, Pupil of the Oni Wanderer

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Author Topic: Andy Carson, Pupil of the Oni Wanderer  (Read 821 times)
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« on: April 30, 2012, 10:10:46 pm »

Name: Andy Carson
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Affinity: Abled
Level: 3 (130 HP 130 CC)
Class: Lapin Sleeper Agent ** (+10/20 HP/CC* when activated)
Appearance: Andy is a young man with short jet-black hair, brown eyes, and a toned build. He stands  6’1” and weighs one hundred and sixty-five pounds.  Andy is usually dressed in comfy, but functional attire. There is a warm light to his eyes and a little smile on his features.

Bio: Once in a great while, an individual is born with a special power. Some would call it a curse, but others would call it a blessing. Few ever learn the true nature of it before they are consumed, but Andy was luckier than most people. Taken from his family at a young age he was trained in relative seclusion to harness this power; the Ebon Mantle.

His teacher has disappeared now, and Andy is left to explore the world and the extent of his power on his own. A hero at heart, Andy seeks to help people in an attempt to help himself. Drawing from the wisdom of his master, Andy is an accomplished swordsman, can harness ninja-like agility to traverse his surroundings, and uses his power to harness the elements. With a once peaceful world descending into darkness, Andy is ready to set things right.  He is a good-natured young man with a good sense of humor, and a natural sense of justice. Being secluded for so long means that he knows only basic things about the world, but is eager to learn.

Andy has been implanted with a Sleeper self by Cheri Lapin, and has been instructed to be more polite to women...especially those involved with her. Wink

After a battle with his mentor, Andy has found himself forever changed.

Special Attacks/Abilities

Hand to Hand
85% 20 HP
Andy uses a mixture of enhanced strength and martial arts to attack his foes.

A Flick of the Wrist
90% 10 HP
Andy throws a kunai or a couple shuriken from a pouch he carries for a quick attack.

80% 25 HP or 70% 35 HP
Andy uses the katana given to him by his master, but any other sword will do.

Jack of All Trades
75% 25 HP
Andy can use many other weapons besides his fists or a sword, other weapons used are subject to this attack.

Shinobi Steps
Part of his training lets Andy move like few others can. He can run up walls and other vertical surfaces as if they were the ground. He can even run across water and snow with ease. While Andy is atop water, if he is hit with an attack that does twenty damage or more then his concentration is broken and he falls in. This skill is negated when Andy is below 10% of his HP.

Dig Deep
Only usable when Andy is below 33% of his HP or 75% of his CC. He calls upon the power of the Ebon Mantle to heal 30 HP and 30 CC.  For the next five turns, Andy’s attacks do an additional 10 damage at the cost of 10% to his accuracy. At the end of these fives turns his HP falls to 10 and he becomes exhausted and suffers a two turn stun.

Andy does his best to rally allies in battle. The first use heals 10 HP and 10 CC. If he is within range, Andy may attack his ally and heal 20 CC at the cost of 5 damage to his ally. This attack degrades 5 HP and CC with each heal.

The Elemental Spheres
Andy has learned how to harness fire, ice, lightning, and wind into attacks that he can draw upon in combat. However due to the energy required he is limited to a small number of uses. This is represented by a pool called Aura Points or AP. As this stage Andy can draw from eight points daily, with each sphere requiring a different number. For each hour of rest, Andy may restore one AP to his pool. When Andy drops to zero AP he can draw upon his lifeforce to perform attacks, 20 HP converts to one AP.

Gale Sphere
1 AP
80% 30 HP 20% Stun or 80% 20 HP (Ranged)
Andy summons a versatile sphere of wind in his hand that can push opponents away or jar them with a powerful blow. He may also use this as a ranged attack.

Hyperion Burst
2 AP
60% 20 HP 50% Effect Chance 30% Stun
Andy focuses and chills the air around him to create a ball of ice. If the attack hits an opponent, their body slows down from the cold causing them to suffer -10% to their attacks for two turns as they try to warm up once more. There is also a small chance the opponent will be completely frozen for a turn. This attack has a two turn cooldown.

Lightning Striker
2 AP
80% 15 HP Shock (+5%/HP to attacks made on Shocked target for two turns)
Andy amplifies the natural voltage of the human body into a ball of electricity that shocks his opponents for a turn. In addition, the target is Shocked and will suffer +5 to hit and damage from all attacks for two turns. This attack does double damage to wet opponents and stuns them. This attack has a two turn cooldown.

Assassin’s Inferno
4 AP
Andy focuses his energy into a small point and lets it explode into a sphere of pure heat and energy. The attack does 65 damage if it hits a target. If the target is below 25% HP, it kills them instantly, leaving a charred half-sphere where it collided. Andy can only maintain this attack at the cost of an AP per additional turn.

Aura Channel
2 AP
Andy can focus his aura to heal wounds of the body and mind. By taking a turn to do so, he can heal 40 HP and 40 CC. This move has a two turn cooldown.

Selective Chivalry
Cheri's teaching's take effect whenever Andy is near Lapin or any of her other female followers. Andy gains greater focus in battle and other tasks to assist this group. Andy gains +10 to any non-combat rolls. In addition, Andy may choose to spend his turn protecting Cheri or one of her followers. If he does this, all damage received from attacks against the person he is protecting do half damage to Andy in return for his protected target receiving no damage, if the attack hits multiple opponents, then the damage against Cheri or the follower is negated.

Sleeper details
*Sleeper Agents Simulacra will dissuade their charges from switching Mistresses, unless Lapin wants that Mistress to take that particular person as a slave (perhaps to create a double agent) then the Simulacrum will use subliminal suggestions to whisper away -5 CC/Turn until back under Lapin's control.

**Removing a Sleeper Simulacrum takes skill.  A Mistress who has Converted one or a Hero attempting to deprogram one must suspect the presence of a Sleeper Agent, and then apply a skill/power such as Hypnotism, Exorcism, or Dream Lore (10-30% base) to successfully remove it.  Otherwise, within a few days time, the Simulacrum will have the slave back in mental contact and able to be triggered again.
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